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2019 – Changed Lives Archives – Jan/Feb


Arrested By The King

About Shawn Morris


     As a child, Shawn Morris had been rejected by his father and was abused and ridiculed by his mother. Shawn’s family members were drug addicts, dealers, and murderers so it wasn’t any wonder that Shawn was a user by age eleven. At sixteen, Shawn was completely dependent on heroin. In his early twenties, Shawn was facing a ninety-nine year prison sentence.
     While in prison, Morris went to a Bible study. He said he had heard about “church” but he didn’t know much about Jesus or about having a relationship with Him. The men in the study group prayed for Shawn to receive Jesus. At that point, he wasn’t trying to get free from sin, but really just wanted to get out of prison. So he prayed with them and afterward, he said he didn’t feel anything miraculous or extraordinary but he did notice one thing that was different.
     As a heroin addict, if he went without the drug for a few days he said he would feel sick to his stomach with nausea and would have cramps and other withdrawal symptoms. But he realized that after the “prayer” all the withdrawal symptoms had left him. He said, “ I was completely healed. I didn’t need a twelve-step program, I just needed a one-step program: Jesus.”
     Now about the ninety-nine year rap he was facing, Shawn made a vow to God. He said, “God, if you will get me out of this situation, I promise I will never touch drugs again.”
     God went to work on Shawn’s behalf. First of all, his mother wrote a letter to the judge. Then the court decided that there really wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Shawn was guilty, so the judge let him walk free. Now God kept His end of the bargain, but Shawn Morris did not. He said, “I met Jesus in prison, but I also left Jesus in prison because I hadn’t learned how to have a relationship with Him.” As a result, Morris stepped back into a life of drugs and crime.
     Then, a childhood friend came to visit Shawn one day. This friend had become a born-again Christian. He read a passage of Scripture to Shawn from Second Timothy, chapter three: “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God . . .” (Verses 1-4).

How To Tap Into The Glory Of God
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     Then the friend said, “Shawn, show me in Scripture, in that text, what [part of it] describes you?”
     Shawn said all of a sudden he felt electricity moving from the top of his head to the souls of his feet and he began to weep uncontrollably. He said, “I was the whole chapter three.” He said the experience lasted several days, and through that revelation from God, Shawn Morris became a real believer.
     The path that Shawn now walked was one of repentance and submission to God. He also prayed about the many negative influences he received while growing up, from his father’s side of the family and his mother’s side. As for his possessions, he got rid of all of his drug paraphernalia, and gave away those items that were benefits gained through the drug industry. He gave away his guns, jewelry, and vehicles including a Jaguar. He became a completely transformed person, and couldn’t even be recognized by some of his friends. He said, “I was totally set free.”

     Shawn was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to the point of being able to pray for others with miraculous results. He saw people saved, healed and delivered; God was now using Shawn Morris for His kingdom in a mighty way. Today Shawn teaches Heaven’s principles about how to tap into the glory of God. He said, “I was a gangster, but now I am a gangster for God!”



Happy Trails To You, Part I

Leonard Frank Sly


      Who in the world is Leonard Sly? No, we’re not talking about Sly and the Family Stone, an American funk band from San Francisco during the 70s and 80s. This is about Leonard Frank Sly, born November 5, 1911 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Did our title give you a clue? We’re writing about someone well known and loved: Roy Rogers.
     Roy’s (Leonard’s) mother was crippled from polio and his dad was a skilled shoemaker. When Roy was a child, his dad built a houseboat and moved the family up the Ohio River to Portsmouth. In March of 1913, Portsmouth had severe flooding so they took the houseboat through the streets to rescue people. The flood left the houseboat on high ground so they built a home next to it. It was completed just before Roy’s eighth birthday.
     A few years later, Roy’s father bought some property near Duck Run, Ohio and built a house. Roy eventually ran the farm there with his sisters and lame mother. His father bought him a horse, which he learned to ride bareback. By age 12, Roy had learned to play the guitar and yodel, and he “called” square dances. He became popular for singing cowboy songs and soon was popularly known as Roy Rogers.
     The family moved back to Cincinnati when Roy was 17. They were struggling so Roy quit high school to work in the shoe factory. He went to night school for a while, but dropped out before graduating. Two years later they moved to California where Roy’s sister lived. Roy and his father worked driving Model T gravel trucks to build highways. They also worked picking peaches.
     In the evenings, Roy and his father played guitar and sang around the campfire, entertaining the other workers. In August 1931, after appearing on a radio talent show, Roy joined a country music group. He went back to Los Angeles and formed a trio called The Sons Of the Pioneers, with Bob Nolan. They were hired by a local radio station–KFWB–for $35 a week. Their theme song was “Tumbling Tumbleweeds.” Soon, their group began to appear in Hollywood movies.
     During World War II, Roy’s draft status was deferred due to family hardship, however, he worked to sell war bonds and sold more than any other Hollywood celebrity–a whopping one million dollars worth. He also dedicated his time to entertaining the troops. In 1943, he was named number one money-making Western star.
     Roy met Dale Evans in 1944 during a film they were both cast in. She was his leading lady in “The Cowboy and The Senorita.” Roy was married to Grace Arline at the time. She died from complications during the birth of their second child. After her death, Roy fell in love with Dale. While on their horses at Chicago Stadium, getting ready for their rodeo performance, Roy proposed to her. They were married New Year’s Eve, 1947.

Happy Trails: Our Life Story

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     It is widely known that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were both Christians. But the sweet story of how they came to know Christ is not as prominent. Next week we’ll share the journey they took on their pathway to the Christian life. You won’t want to miss it. Stay tuned right here at “Changed Lives Through Christ”.

*Second reference used for biographical information only. We do not endorse the site or any of its religious content.


Happy Trails To You, Part II

Leonard Frank Sly


      Last week we told you about Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; about their lives and how they met and married. Now Dale was a believer in God when she married Roy, but he was not. The Bible does not support believers marrying unbelievers, but Dale only used the Bible for emergencies so she thought she was “off the hook”. She had met Jesus at age 10, but had not submitted to His Lordship.
     Shortly after they married, crisis arose. Roy’s children were rejecting her as their new mom. On top of that, Republic Studios told her she could no longer star with Roy because they were married. Dale knew how to turn to God in a crisis but failed to carry through. When Dale shared her problems with her adult son, Tom, he suggested she go to church and bring the children with her, so she did.
     The sermon that Sunday was, “The House That Is Built On the Rock.” The message spoke to Dale’s heart as God began to draw her to Him. She returned home to find Roy gone on a hunting trip. That night while alone, the pressure built until she bowed her knee to God, confessed all of her sins, and submitted to His will. She told God she would give her life to Him the next time the church doors opened. The following Sunday, she met God at the altar, and rededicated her life to Christ.
     Roy noticed the difference in Dale and asked her what had happened. She told him about her renewed life in Christ. She knew he was not a believer but she didn’t pressure him. Instead she and the children set an example. The household was soon filled with praying and hymn singing. The girls noticed that Roy didn’t say grace, and Linda, age six, asked him, “Don’t you know how to talk to God, Daddy?” Roy was the odd man out in his own family.
     One night at a home party for Roy’s movie crew, some of the women noticed a change in Dale and asked her about it. She explained she now had new responsibilities in the Lord. Roy came in half way through the conversation and misunderstood. He thought she was complaining about the late night party. He told her bluntly, “If you have a problem, this is no place to talk about it!”
     She was hurt and later cried, and Roy felt guilty that he had stained their relationship. He had a lot to think about as he stood looking out the bedroom window. It occurred to him that his money may be gone one day and the fame of being a movie star wouldn’t last forever. He wanted his kids to remember him for things that mattered. He said, “I want to be the daddy who took them to church on Sundays and helped them learn how to live a good Christian life.”

Angel Unaware

Entertainers Roy and Dale Evans Rogers were thrilled when their little daughter Robin was born. But their excitement turned to concern when they were informed that Robin was born with Down’s Syndrome and advised to “put her away.” The Rogers ignored such talk and instead kept Robin, and she graced their home for two and a half years. Though Robin’s time on earth was short, she changed her parents’ lives and even made life better for other children born with special needs in the years to come. Angel Unaware is Robin’s account of her life as she looks down from heaven. As she speaks to God about the mission of love she just completed on earth, the reader sees how she brought her parents closer to God and encouraged them to help other children in need.

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     The next morning Roy announced, “If you are going to church, I’m going with you.” Later in the service he was moved about the decision he needed to make. At the invitation, he turned to Dale and said, “Mama, I’m going down there.” At that point, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.
     Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were featured in over a hundred movies and had the Roy Rogers Show on radio and television from 1951 to 1957. Roy was billed, “King of the Cowboys” and Dale, “Queen of the West.” They had a loyal following of 1.75 million boys and girls registered in their fan club. They had over 360 types of Roy Rogers merchandise, and sold two million comic books and records. Roy was a big name business tycoon, who was second in sales only to Walt Disney.
     Roy and Dale had a daughter, Robin, born August 26, 1950. She was born very weak, with health problems including a congenital heart defect. Robin died two years later. (They wrote a book about the precious daughter they lost, called “Angel Unaware”.) After her death, Roy and Dale decided to adopt children rather than have any more.
      This couple touched many lives with their benevolence and kind Christian walk. Rogers died of congestive heart failure on July 6, 1998; he was 87. Evans died of congestive heart failure on February 7, 2001. She was 88.

*Second reference used for biographical information only. We do not endorse the site or any of its religious content.


A Step Of faith

Brittni De La Mora


     So many young people are lost and searching for “something” these days. Brittni De La Mora was one of those people. She got her start dancing in strip clubs. She reasoned that it was a good way to put herself through college. In an interview with Fox News, she said, “I grew up in a broken household so I really didn’t know my value or my worth. [And] I discovered early on that if I was naked in the presence of men that I was going to get what I didn’t get at home–and that was affirmation.”
     Brittni didn’t realize it, but she had opened the door to a very dangerous lifestyle. Before she was even 20 years old, she was noticed by a couple of self-described “romance movie” producers. They told her, “You’re beautiful; you’re destined to be a star.” She was drawn to them like a bee to a honeycomb and soon she embarked on a seven-year acting and escort career in the porn industry.
     Brittni appeared in about 275 adult films before the age of 25 but she learned that all that glitters is not gold. She realized early on that she had made a mistake. Her life became complicated, first by an STD and then by drug abuse. But she said her pride kept her pushing forward, so she persevered through for the first three years.
     At that point, Brittni attempted to get out of the business. She started going to church with her grandfather and even became a born-again Christian. But the forces of evil were at work in Britini’s life, and were about to win out again. Through the influence of a man she met, she turned to the porn industry once more where she stayed for another three-and-a-half years.
     During that time, she was nominated for an AVN award in 2008 as Best New Starlet. And in 2010, Maxim magazine named her one of the Top Twelve Female Porn Stars of the year. She was very successful in the eyes of the world but it wasn’t where she wanted to be anymore.
     Near the end of 2012, Brittni took a step that would change her life forever. She was on her way to film a very important scene, and decided to obey an inner prompting to bring her Bible with her. While in flight she began to read Revelation 2:20-23 about the adulterous woman named Jezebel. She saw herself in that passage and God’s conviction rained down upon her.
     She states in her interview, “[God was telling me], Brittni, this isn’t the life that I have for you . . . I have something so much greater . . . but I need you to give me a step of faith today. I need you to quit the industry and I promise you, your life is going to turn around.” God’s word and His leading had such a profound affect on her, she walked away from the industry and never looked back.

Accepted–Experience God’s Unconditional Love
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     After much forgiveness and healing, God directed Brittni’s steps toward her true callings in life. First, beginning in 2013, she began sharing her testimony on television, in churches, and in many other places around the world. She has appeared on ABC’s ‘The View’ and ‘Nightline’, National Geographic’s ‘Drugs Inc.’, and Fox Business’s ‘The Independents’.
     Then in 2016, Brittni married the man of her dreams, Richard. They continue to share and preach the word of God everywhere. They’re also very active as directors in the young adult ministry at their home church. As God blesses Brittni each day, she is forever grateful for His miraculous peace and healing in her life.
     And Brittni has a heart for young girls who are headed down the same pathway she was on at one time. She says, “whatever you’re searching for in the industry, you’re not going to find it . . . That affirmation can only be found in God.”



In God’s Hands

Jeff Gordon


      NASCAR is a mainstream sport, and Jeff Gordon is one of the most popular, talented drivers around. He actually started racing when he was just four years old! I guess you could say it was God’s plan for his life. But it took awhile for Jeff to find out what else God had for him.
     In a 2001 Larry King interview, King asked Jeff how he came to like racing. Jeff said, “I was four years old when I first started racing. I was actually racing BMX bicycles. My parents got me into that . . . [At] about four-and-a-half, I started driving a Quarter Midget.” He added, “I liked everything that went fast at that age. You know, when you excel at something and you find that you have a talent for something . . . it just continues to drive you. And that is what racing did for me.”
     “[So] how about fear?” King asked.
Thinking back he said, “. . . I had the most fear the first time I drove a sprint car; I was not even 14 years old, and it was about a 650 — 700 horsepower race car, and I had no idea what I was doing. I never even drove a street car . . . let a lone a race car.” Jeff agreed that fear was there.
     Gordon started his professional racing career in the Busch Series. He then went full-time in the Cup Series for Hendrick Motorsports in 1993. He is a four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion. He also won the Daytona 500 three times. He is third on the all-time Cup-wins list with 93 career wins, the most in NASCAR’s modern era. In 1998, NASCAR named Gordon to its 50 Greatest Drivers list. In 2008, ESPN’s Terry Blount ranked him tenth in the 25 Greatest Drivers of All-Time. Foxsports.com named him the fifth-best NASCAR driver of all time.
     So what about Jeff’s personal life? Awards and accolades are great! But like so many other folks along the way to success, he wondered, “What else is there?”
     Jeff started his spiritual journey in the early 90s. Out of curiosity, he followed some drivers to the weekly chapel service one week. The meeting captured him and he continued to go so he could learn more about God. The Scriptures began to mean a lot to him. He even taped some of them to his steering wheel. Larry King asked him, “I know you’re a firm believer . . . are you born-again? . . .”
     Jeff replied, “I am . . . Yes, [a] born-again Christian . . . I put a lot of faith in God. I’m very blessed to have the life that I’ve had . . . I have had some, you know, incredible success, but I’ve been through some nasty wrecks and have come out with no injuries. So I certainly thank God for that each and every day. And I think the only way . . . to get through what goes on out there, is to put our faith in God, [and] know it’s in his hands.”

The message of “The Normal Christian Life” is not just for a few Christians who might enjoy it as their own particular interest or emphasis. Rather, it is the core of what it means to be a Christian. This is far different from what the average Christian thinks. This is a challenging book that goes beyond the simple basics and a must read for those seeking God in a deeper way.

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     In another interview with J.C. Superstars in 2008, Jeff said, “I welcomed God into my life a few years ago. I regret that I did not do it sooner. Embracing His faith has made a tremendous difference in my life. . . . I pray regularly . . . When you are involved in a dangerous sport like auto racing, you rely on a higher power to keep you safe . . . [And] whether I win or lose a race, I am content with the outcome knowing that I can always trust in God’s goodness.”
     Jeff has involved himself with several charitable organizations. He established the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation in 1999 for children with life-threatening, chronic illnesses. In 2006, he opened the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital. Then he partnered with other athletes in 2007 and founded Athletes for Hope, raising awareness for needy causes, and inspiring millions of non-athletes to volunteer. AARP sponsored Jeff’s Drive to End Hunger program, donating meals to hunger relief organizations. He is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, which helps global leaders find solutions to ending the world’s pressing problems.
     God has made such an impact on Jeff Gordon’s life. He reflects: “We all have to experience our own spiritual journey. But if you embrace God’s power, I believe you will live your life with a renewed joy and a heightened sense of fulfillment.”




The Hollowness Of
Fame And Fortune

Kirk Cameron


      Remember the hit show, Growing Pains? Kirk Cameron played the role of Mike Seaver. Kirk has been an actor since he was nine years old. He was born in Los Angeles, the perfect place to pursue an acting career. Yes, he is a nice guy but used to be a self-proclaimed atheist.
     Kirk wasn’t a believer for most of his life because he said he couldn’t see God. And he felt he didn’t need to use “God” as an emotional crutch to get through life. After all, he was a big success and was making lots of money. Why would he want a religion to “put a wet blanket on all his fun”.
     Through his teenage years, Kirk began exploring deep thoughts about life and death. He also wondered if success was all there was to life, or if there was more. You see, success in itself is unsatisfying after awhile. And without God, people become restless with what they have. It’s never enough, but who can know why?
     In an interview with Pastor John McCarthur–radio program host of Grace To You–Kirk Cameron said, “. . . I’ve got the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What happens when I die? Because all this is going to be gone, then what?” Proverbs 23:5 says, “In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle,” (NLT). MacArthur said, “The heart of man can never be satisfied in those things . . . [We always want] just a little bit more.”
     At the age of seventeen, a girl Kirk knew invited him to church with her and her family. The message that day was about the afterlife. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It made Kirk realize his fame and fortune would never impress the God of the universe. And He felt drawn to know more about this God. So he began reading the Bible and attending church regularly.
     Kirk describes his experience. He said, “I began to see the righteous standards of God reflected in the ten commandments; I could see myself as a filthy, wretched sinner . . . [I saw] the secret sin tucked in the corners that I didn’t let anybody else see; I realized that I was what the Bible said: I was a sinner who was blind by my own sin; I was in desperate need of God to forgive me and cleanse me on the inside. (I looked really clean on the outside . . .)
     “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me’,” (Matthew 16:24; NLT). Many people are halted at this point. Their own will is more important than God’s will for them. What many don’t understand is that God’s will is perfect, and far better than anything any of us could put together. But often, people are not willing to give up control of their lives even if it leads to spiritually bankruptcy.
     Kirk struggled with surrender. His life had been based on pleasing people but now, pleasing God would have to take precedence. Jesus said, “If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it,” (Matthew 16:25; NLT).

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      Kirk remarked, “I’ve had people tell me, ‘Well Kirk, you sure picked the wrong religion in Hollywood, didn’t ya.’ You could come in and say you worship a tree, and throw your arms around bark all day long, and people would say, ‘Hey man, do what ever you want to do. That’s cool.’ But you come in and say, ‘I’m a follower of Jesus Christ; I’m born-again. All of a sudden people want to step ten feet back and point their fingers at ya.”
     MacArthur points out, “The rejection of Christianity is not intellectual . . . it is moral; they love the darkness because their deeds are evil . . . [but] Christ alone satisfies the heart and then everything you have–even the smallest thing–becomes a cause for joy and thanks giving.”
     Which side of the fence are you on today? Kirk Cameron made a decision to follow Christ. What about you? Where do you stand today? Need help with your decision? Please read, “How To Become A Christian”, or click “Contact”.



I Belong To Jesus

Candace Cameron Bure


      Last week we shared Kirk Cameron’s story. This week, we present to you his sister, Candace Cameron Bure. What a beautiful girl she is. And she loves the Lord, Jesus, but it hasn’t always been that way.
     Candace grew up in a non-Christian home. In her testimony as given at “Movie Chat” she said about her family, “We didn’t talk about God and I didn’t know anything about him.”
     So when a friend invited her and her family to church, she thought it was all strange and she “giggled at the thought of God”. Even so, they continued to attend every Sunday and Candace noticed how happy her mom, brother and sister were. She said, “I decided that I wanted to feel the same way. It was Jesus Christ that was producing this change in [my family], so one Sunday morning, I asked Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. I was baptized along with some of my family at a later service. I was extremely excited about what I thought was my new Christian life.” She was twelve at the time.
     During her subsequent teenage years, Candace followed in the footsteps of her older brother Kirk, and pursued an acting career. She starred in the hit TV show, Full House, as well as Fuller House. She starred as Summer van Horne on Make It or Break It. She also played leading roles in several Hallmark films and Christmas movies. In fact, over the years she has appeared extensively in many shows and productions and has also honed her skills as a producer, author, and talk show panelist. So with all this busyness, how did she ever find time for God? She didn’t.
     A book came along back in 1995 called Left Behind. It captured Candace’s heart. Part of the story focused on a church Pastor who was left behind after the “Rapture” had taken place. She couldn’t figure out how a Pastor could fall into such a predicament, unless of course he had never made a “heart commitment” to God.
     Candace admits that at twelve years old, she hadn’t fully understood the sinner’s prayer. She wasn’t convinced that she had actually made that “heart commitment” either. She knew she was a sinner and was becoming aware of how the law of God could so easily be violated. After reading another book, The Way of the Master, her walk with God was changed forever. In it, Jesus was not afraid to shake people up. He spoke openly of their sinful nature and the righteousness of God. It showed Candace her sin in it’s true light.
     Becoming “saved” takes more than a generalized prayer and a life that serves self. Rather, it requires a true understanding of what sin is, a confession of one’s own sin and a willingness to turn away from it. The life to follow consists of making God a priority each day, reading his word and truly following Him.

Kind Is The New Classy
As a woman in today’s world, you know what it’s like to feel pressure on all sides from clashing cultural expectations. How can you stay true to who God has uniquely created you to be in the face of the script you’ve been given? What’s more, how can you stand your ground with grace? Learning to stay true to herself with grace has been one of the biggest fights of Candace’s life. In this book, Candace reveals the thought patterns and practices that have empowered her to stay centered while practicing radical graciousness toward others.

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     Candace took that next step in her Christian journey. She says, “[God] has transformed the way I think and live my life. Things that were once important to me are no longer. I can’t help but share the Good News with everyone! I know there is nothing more important. I know that without Christ, the eternal consequences are devastating. I urge you to surrender your whole life to Jesus, turn from your sin and trust in Him with all your heart. Pick up The Holy Bible, and start reading. Let me leave you with this:
     “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained . . .” (Acts. 17:30, 31; KJV).
     In conclusion Candace says, “God has changed me in ways that words can’t describe . . . I belong to Jesus: my Lord, Savior, my eternity, my everything. I love you, Jesus!”





Have You Really Decided?

A Hymn Writer from India


     Today’s story is about a certain hymn writer who not only converted to Christianity but paid dearly for his decision to accept Christ. His name was Simon Marak, a native of the Assam region of India. Simon’s life was probably as ordinary as any other. He lived during the late 1800s. He married as most folks do and had two children; a nice number to have. At one point, Simon and his family became Christian believers, and that’s where this story takes a drastic turn.
     So who was Simon Marak and how did his story become known? While he famously wrote the hymn, I Have Decided To Follow Jesus, his reason for writing the lyrics to it was made known by the missionary, Dr. P.P. Job. Following a great revival in Wales, England, Dr. Job was one of many missionaries that traveled to Northeast India to spread the Gospel among the “head-hunter tribes”. And Simon was among the first to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
     The head-hunters of the Assam region did not welcome Dr. Job. Finally, Job did manage to lead one man and his family to the Christian faith. And they must have been very enthusiastic believers because through that family, others in the tribe began to be converted too.
     The village chief got wind of what was happening and became very angry. Then came the ultimatum. He told Simon that unless he renounced his faith, he would be killed. I’m sure Simon wrestled with His decision. He not only faced death but his wife would be without a husband and his children would be without a Father. In spite of his dilemma, he began to sing the following song in response to the chief:
“I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.”
     His answer made the chief even more angry. In his rage, he aimed and targeted Simon’s two children who were standing nearby. As they lay perishing, the chief again challenged Simon to give up his faith or he would lose his wife, too. But Simon sang the next verse of his song:
      “Though none go with me, still I will follow.
                               No turning back”

     By this time the chief was enraged. He shot another arrow, this time taking out Simon’s wife. Then the chief asked Simon one last time to denounce his faith, but Simon replied:
    “The cross before me, the world behind me.
                             No turning back.”

     So Simon was killed on the spot and his family was wiped out. As the reality of it all sunk in, the chief was moved. He began to wonder if there was something to this so-called faith for which people would give up their very lives. In front of all the villagers he suddenly declared his own faith in Christ. And through that decision, the entire village became saved.

     Why does disease, natural disaster, divorce, rejection, death, or some other sorrow seep into our lives when we are trying to serve the Lord?
This book deals unflinchingly with life’s most troubling question: “Why?” Drawing on his long experience as a Christian psychologist and family counselor, Dr. Dobson brings hope to those who have almost given up.

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     In our present day culture, the “feel good” gospel is popular among many. But God is not a killjoy. In fact, His word says he wants to give us “life more abundantly”. (See John 10:10.) At the same time faith is not cheap. Just look at the apostles. They paid a hefty price for their faith, especially in the way their lives were eventually taken. Simon’s story is just such an example of how some people are persecuted for their faith.
     It is common to find martyrs for Christ in many parts of the world. Yet here in America we rarely find those who have given up their lives for their beliefs. That may be one reason there are so many shallow Christians around today. Perhaps if our faith cost more we would value it more than we do.
     What are you willing to give up for Jesus? Is your heart wide open to Him? Are you willing to say “Yes, Lord,” at any cost? Can you say, “I have decided to follow Jesus; though none go with me, still I will follow; the cross before me, the world behind me. No turning back . . . no turning back”?



w w w . K a t h y V e e r . c o m

Matthew 16: 26, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but
lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?”