Contemporary Christian Music Artist With Gospel and Jazz Influences

Contemporary Christian Music Artist With Gospel and Jazz Influences

Contemporary Christian Music Artist With Gospel and Jazz InfluencesContemporary Christian Music Artist With Gospel and Jazz InfluencesContemporary Christian Music Artist With Gospel and Jazz Influences


My Testimony



     Montreal native and singer Kathy Veer has performed  everywhere from churches to cafés to concert halls.  She developed a  keen interest for music at the tender age of four, listening to artists  like Al Martino, Sarah Vaughn, Dionne Warwick, and the Supremes.  At the  age of eleven, she joined the school choir and it so inspired her, that  she wrote her first song.  Her music teacher was amazed, and sent her  song to Anne Murray to be recorded.  Though nothing materialized, Kathy  did perform the song with the school choir at their year end concert.

      At the age of fourteen, Kathy gained an interest in the  drum set.  The next year she was chosen to play drums for her high  school’s nationally acclaimed big band (through the Canadian Stage Band  Festival).  She held that chair through grade twelve, and went on to  play for the City of Edmonton big band for another year.  At twenty,  Miss Veer entered music school where she earned an associate’s degree in  music composition.  She also started singing with various jazz, pop,  rock, and country groups and earned her living as a working musician  through the 1980s.

     Kathy enjoyed many musical opportunities, but the flip  side of that was the fast lane and the night life.  Her existence  spiraled into an emptiness that over-shadowed her life in a profound  way.  She had met the Lord Jesus at age thirteen, but wasn’t ever  serious about him until this crisis.  At age twenty-seven, with no hope  left for living, Kathy gave her heart to Jesus Christ.  It was the best  decision she ever made.  Of course her life didn’t get tidied up in an  instant.  But before too long, God had set her feet on a straight path,  and good things began to happen.

     In 1992, Miss Veer felt God was calling her back to  school.  She went to study at Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa, Georgia,  majoring in psychology and Christian counseling.  After receiving her  bachelor’s degree, she proceeded to work in this field over the next  year.  But she knew in her heart this was not the profession for her.   She hadn’t made any other plans, and was listening intently for what God  might have in store for her.

     The Lord showed her His will in a mighty way when he  brought a husband into her life.  He was a minister and loved God.   Soon, they knew the Lord was calling them to marry.  They wed in 1997,  and pursued various types of ministries over the years.  Prison ministry  has been a big part of their lives.  Kathy set up a choir and rhythm section  at Augusta State Medical Prison, and directed that group for about  three years.  Later, God opened the door for Kathy to direct a small  church choir in Gibson, Georgia.  She was there for five years.

     Kathy Veer currently offers concerts in church sanctuary  settings, and ministers along side her husband through various venues.  But her greatest desire is to see people saved and walking in close fellowship with the Lord, Jesus  Christ.

Music CDs and MP3s


     Listen to samples of my Gospel music below . . . I also added a few jazz selections which I still perform live from time to time . . .

Published Books


We have a few published books available on Amazon, with more on the way.  See titles and descriptions below.


"I Go To The Rock"

"Fly Me To The Moon"

"Peace Speaker"

"It Don't Mean A Thing"

"Sincerely Yours"

"Blue Moon"


The Bible tells us in 

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV), 

"For I know the plans I have for you,”

declares the Lord, 

“plans to prosper you and not to

 harm you, plans to give you 

hope and a future."

Have you been to that place 

in your life–that place where 

hope can no longer be found? 

Maybe you’re there now . . .
The stories you’ll find in our blogs 

are true, and you’ll discover 

that it’s  never too late; 

God IS with you and He has a 

definite plan for your  life.

Read on and be inspired 

by real people, some famous 

and  some not, who have had 

break-throughs and transformations

 in their lives  . . .  all possible 

because of God’s great power 

and love. 






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Do you spend quiet time

with the Lord each day, 

reading His word and 

offering your prayers to Him? 

We all need to be refreshed 

as we follow God. 

Even Jesus spent quality time 

in the Father's presence.

Our original poems are not only

inspirational, they're devotional. 

They will help you meditate 

on God's truths with words of 

insight and foundational 

Scripture texts.

"Come near to God and 

he will come near to you," 

(James 4:8; NIV).

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well," (Matthew 6:33; NIV).